An AI platform to connect music teachers and students

  • Are you a music teacher struggling with Skype/Zoom/phone to teach your students remotely?
  • Are you a music learner needing a platform to practice with your teacher's voice/sound? Adjust the pitch scale (Sa) or the rhythm.
  • Are you just inquisitive to try your hand on basic music (with AI)?
Yes, you are at the right place.
This is a research project supported by IMPRINT-2C grant from SERB, Government of India Project no. IMP/2019/400

App Features

Teach or learn music remotely via a smart Android app
A scientific and scalable way of teaching music

Complete Learning Management System for music teachers

Built-in Metronome and Tanpura (drone)

We can customize to include your sounds (tabla, mridanga, drums, etc.)

For Teachers

Create lessons/assignments, monitor students' progress and give feedback

For Learners

Listen, perform and get feedback: automatic feedback as well as teacher's manual feedback

Change Scale

Teacher singing too high? Change the scale (Sa frequency) to your convenience

Change Rhythm

Pace too fast? Change the pace (beats per minute) to your convenience

Suited for Indian Music

Built for Indian Music systems - notation, ways of analysis and organization

Useful Tools

Built-in tools such as violin tuner. We can also build customized tools as per your needs


This project is being developed by a team of researchers and engineers at MADHAV Lab, Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Kanpur


Vipul Arora

Research Associates

Suraj Jaiswal
Vishavjeet Choubey
Abhishek Rai
Shiv Narayan Pandey
Prabal Pratap Singh
Chand Kiran Singh

Research Scholars

Kavya Ranjan Saxena
Parampreet Singh


Saransh Shivhare

Music Teachers

Renu Chavan
Kajal Heer

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